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International enquiries

+7 (4852) 72 51 38

Summer Programme

July 3 - 23

Levels: Elementary to Advanced. Beginners can not be accepted on summer courses. The summer programme provides a creative academic challenge as well as an exciting opportunity for excursions to sites of tourist interest within the city and surrounding area.

The intensive curriculum is designed for university-aged people and professionals who wish to improve their overall Russian language skills with a focus on oral communication. It aims to develop communicative skills, extend vocabulary, improve accuracy of expression, develop cultural awareness. Besides classes in Russian the programme comprises seminars on Russian History and Politics with English used as a language of communication.

Social events, including International Night, educational trips to nearby cities will make the summer programme a unique intercultural experience.

Fees: Total - € 800 cover expenses for tuition, half board accommodation, social and cultural events.

Certificates: A certificate of attendance is given to students at the end of their period of study.

Deadline for registration: April 23, 2011.

10 reasons of WHY you should choose Demidov Yaroslavl State University to study at

  1. YSU is a classical institution of higher learning and is ranked 19-25 among the top 100 universities in Russia.
  2. The University has successfully combined the traditions of a classical education with the challenges of internationalism.
  3. The International Affairs has been actively working for the past 20 years.
  4. There is a special educational program in the Russian language and Russian Studies.
  5. The teaching staff is represented by highly qualified specialists whose teaching methods have proved to be effective over the years.
  6. The International Affairs provides visa and registration support, counseling services, accommodation arrangements, and excursion and trip organization.
  7. Opportunity to have an email account, access to the Internet, to use computer lab.
  8. Yaroslavl is an ancient Russian city with a 1000 - year history, located on the Upper Volga, in which there are a lot of unique monuments of architecture and art that have been preserved.
  9. Convenient geographic location – you will enjoy a possibility to live and study in the city other than the cosmopolitan centers of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but in close proximity to them.
  10. A wide range of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, swimming pools, and sport centers.

Now more details about what has been stated above

  1. Demidov Yaroslavl State University is one of Russia’s leading institutions and an attractive research and educational center. It is proudly ranked 19-25 among the top 100 Russian universities. YSU, a classic multi-disciplinary educational institution with about 7000 students and a teaching staff of 360, offers 5-year professional education programs and awards certification upon completion. The university graduates receive a standard state diploma of higher learning and qualification from one of nine departments, including mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, economics, law, psychology, history, and political science.
  2. The university manages to successfully combine the traditions of classical education with the challenges of internationalism. Along with Russian students, international students are encouraged to join courses taught in all of the nine departments for one or more semesters. Graduate students are offered courses in 40 majors in the Graduate School. All instruction is in Russian. Enrollment requires the payment of tuition.
  3. There is a strong emphasis on international cooperation at Demidov Yaroslavl University that will continue to be developed by the International Affairs. The mission of the latter is to build close ties with universities all over the world.
  4. A flexible linguistic programme designed to tailor an educational programme of Russian Studies is offered by the Centre for Intercultural Communication. This programme is built around a series of core courses including a standard range of linguistic disciplines offered to meet the needs of visiting students who are interested in improving their Russian language skills. Additionally, courses in Russian literature, history, political science, and cultural studies are available.Courses, taught in English, include those in Economics, History, Politics, Physics,Mathematics and Psychology, meeting the demands of the customers. Upon successful completion of either a tailored Russian course or standard course in any department, a student will be given an academic transcript that provides details of the work completed.
  5. All of the instructors have a philological education and high qualification in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Much experience has been gained and a number of original methods, when put to practice, have proved to be quite effective.
  6. In addition to high academic standards, the International Afairs staff provide international students with comprehensive counseling services to assist the students’ adaptation and orientation to Russia, as well as assistance in internship placement. Given that foreign citizens should strictly follow the rules of registration and stay in the Russian Federation, the staff members do their best to assist with this. In the initial stage, all you must do is submit a letter of interest and send a copy of your passport details at: Prospective students will be accommodated in downtown Yaroslavl by a host family with a room and partial board (morning and evening meals on weekdays), and full board on weekends and holidays. Alternatively, you may be offered a furnished apartment. Excursions, guided museum tours, and trips to other cities of interest can be organized as well.
  7. Once enrolled, a student will be given an e-mail account, access to the Internet, and the computer lab.
  8. Demidov Yaroslavl State University is situated in the ancient but rapidly growing city of Yaroslavl,which has recently celebrated its 1000th anniversary. The city stands on one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Europe – the Volga. Having close 10 institutions of higher learning, Yaroslavl proudly has the reputation of being a students city. Regarding the city’s historical and cultural heritage, Yaroslavians boast that they have the first Russian Drama Theater, the City Kremlin (Spaso-Preobrazhenski Monastery), Tolga Monastery and a great number of beautiful churches and cathedrals built many centuries ago, reminding all of Russia’s legendary past. In addition to the fascinating mixture of shops, in which one could spend a fortune, pubs, bars, cafes, pizza parlors, restaurants, nightclubs, Yaroslavl has one of the best selections of theaters and architectural ensembles, decorated by unique frescos and icons, to be found anywhere!
  9. Today, Yaroslavl is an industrial, cultural, and scientific center with a population of 650 000 people. The city’s convenient geographic location has prompted the development of waterway, automobile, and railway communication services. It is a 4-hour drive from Moscow and a 12-hour train trip from St.-Petersburg. It is, therefore, quite possible to visit many places in a weekend or to use a week-long break to take the utmost advantage of traveling. Other popular destinations nearby include Suzdal, Rostov, Pereslavl-Zalesski, Sergiev-Posad – towns and cities that are known to be elite members of the Golden Ring of Russia.
  10. Students may want to participate in various sports, such as hockey, fitness, aerobics, swimming, and power lifting, all of which are accessible through the plethora of sport clubs in Yaroslavl. A pleasant night out may be had by going to a theater, cafe, bar or nightclub.

So,WELCOME TO YAROSLAVL!!! It is a decision that you will never regret! Should you have any questions or a serious interest in studying at Demidov Yaroslavl State University, please write directly to the International Affairs at: Sovetskaya Street, 14, 150000 Yaroslavl. Russia; or e-mail to us You may also visit us at the university web-site

Info for prospective students

applying for:

  • degree programmes
  • non-degree programmes

The International Affairs staff provide visa and registration support, counseling services, and accommodation arrangements. Given that foreign citizens should strictly follow the rules of registration and stay in the Russian Federation, the staff members do their best to assist with this. In the initial stage all you must do is to submit a letter of interest, fill in the application form, and send a copy of your passport details at:

To process an invitation you must provide us with a copy of your passport, and the following information:

  • date and place of birth
  • the dates of the period of your stay
  • educational background
  • the address of your current employer
  • the name of the embassy or consulate city from which you will obtain your visa.

Applicants for Degree programmes

To be enrolled as a student of YarSU you will need to submit additional documents which include:

  • medical certificate (including AIDS certificate)
  • copies of the Russian Language Skills Certificate
  • copies of other certificates and diplomas, translated into the Russian language and verified by the notary.

If you are applying as a graduate student ("aspirant"), there are some additional requirements. For more details, contact Graduate Studies Department at: +7 (4852) 79 77 53.

Applicants for non-Degree programmes

To apply for lingustic programmes or courses taught at the Departments/Faculties you will need to provide us with:

  • date and place of birth
  • educational background,
  • the address of your current employer
  • the name of the embassy or consulate city from which you will obtain your visa


Prospective students will be accommodated in downtown Yaroslavl, close to the University. They live in a host family with a private room and half board (morning and evening meals during weekdays and full board during weekends and holidays). Alternatively, you may be offered a furnished apartment.


The tuition fee for degree programmes at the departments/faculties may range from $2 200 to $3 400 per academic year. The language of instruction is Russian. Tuition fee for non-degree programmes depends on the number of students in the group and the number of contact academic hours. There are also fees for invitation processing and medical insurance. The cost of these services is under review and approximate expenditures will be provided on an individual basis.

Contact information

tel.:+7(4852)725 138; 797 745

fax: +7(4852)307 515

International Affairs, Demidov Yaroslavl State University, ul. Sovetskaya,14, Yaroslavl 150000, Russia

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